Follow Your Passion


For as far back as I can remember, I loved being creative. My earliest art pieces were done when I was in diapers in pencil on my parents walls. As I grew, my pencil went from walls to paper and the pencil changed to pastels and paints. When I got into high school, I started using photoshop and would spend hours creating. Of course, this also got me into trouble with my parents because I would neglect more important things like homework. I eventually got so tired of getting in trouble that I stopped doing what I got in trouble for and for years, I avoided Photoshop. Every time I would try to get back to it, I would get that feeling (even as an adult) of, “This is a waste of time. I should be doing other things like finding a real job.

I grew up as the baby of my family which meant I had older brothers (Four older brothers to be exact!) blazing a road full of good grades and wonderful achievements. Then here I come, bumbling through life with a trail of everything from bad grades to reading comprehension problems. Math? Don’t even get me started. You start adding letters to math and you lose me. My brothers found success in things my parents thought you could actually make a living doing. I found success in art, which usually translates to a parent: Excuse to not have a real job. Now, before I paint my parents as evil creativity squashers, know this: My dad is who I get my artsy side from. He can paint and draw very well. When I took art classes in high school, I would get good grades and a “Well Done” from my parents often. However, none of that ever translated over to me creating on a computer. My mom would be the person to yell at me, “Get off the computer! You’ve been on there far too long!

I finally realized one day that I needed to do what suits me and since I wasn’t too terrible with Photoshop (though not anywhere near pro status) and things that are in the creative field, I decided to start baking. Who puts art with baking right? Well, hear me out. Over the years, I’ve seen beautiful cookies that are sometimes too pretty to eat and I would always think, “How in the world did they do that?” One day, I hopped on YouTube and figured it out and I realized that cookie decorating is basically just drawing but on something edible. LIGHTBULB! I love art. I love cookies. Why not put them together? However, that did bring back my love for creating on a computer with Photoshop. Now, I have my cookie decorating thing on hold (just until I’m over the flu …because who wants flu cookies?) and have spent some time getting reaquainted with photoshop again. I’ve started a CafePress shop with designs based on my all time favorite television show Gilmore Girls. That’s right. Gilmore Girls. If you watched it, you know that the quotes and catchphrases from that show were endless.

In the end, it all comes down to what I should have been doing all along: following my passion. In this instance, my passion is to be creative and though I’m getting a late start of doing it full time, I say better late than never.

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