2014: Year of the Nerdship


Greetings, salutations, and many fond hellos to you all, dearest Nerdship. Today is the first in a brand new year. A brand new quest has begun… a quest to make the internet MORE awesome than it was last year. Who’s with us?

A new year is a fresh start for a lot of things. People around the globe commit to New Year’s “resolutions,” of which most end up throwing in the towel within the first few months. For those of you out there who have successfully completed your resolutions in years past, we commend you. /salute. For the rest of us, resolutions have become more burdens than “ways to better one’s self.” Whether it’s unrealistic weight-loss goals, out of this world ideas that will magically change your life, or other things – we put too much on ourselves and then freak-out or just completely give up when we fall off of the band wagon. It doesn’t have to end this way, and it all begins with this wonderful phrase: “KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Having a more realistic approach to a year’s worth of goals can be more attainable than jumping on the crazy bandwagon and doing all-the-things! If you want to better your body with more exercise set realistic goals like bi-monthly milestones or go to the gym (or exercise location of your choosing) “x number of times a week” and then don’t beat yourself up if life gets in the way and you have to miss a few. If that happens, just make an effort to exercise more at home or add a day for the following week or something along those lines, but for the FSM’s sake don’t beat yourself up about it. Eating healthier doesn’t mean you need to throw EVERYTHING away in your pantry right this second, just make smarter decisions next time you go to the grocery store and slowly start replacing those questionable items with healthier options. Is your life full of clutter (either physically or emotionally)? Take baby steps towards your goal, what ever that goal may be. We believe in you! 

With all that being said, we’re making some goals here at Nerds and Nomsense for this year. First and foremost we want to continue to be a little corner of the internet where all are welcome and that maybe, just maybe we can make the internet a more awesome place than it was last year.

We’re going to be adding some new writers to our lovely N&N Nerdship – we’re already blown away by the awesome response of how many of you lovely people already submitted your interest in becoming a contributing author! If you are still interested we’ll be accepting new applications/interest forms until 5pm (CST) on January 3rd, 2014Click here for more information. We’ll be introducing them to you hopefully by the end of next week in a special post, so definitely stay tuned for that.

This year we’ll be planning more meetups (both in person and online), more fandom-themed weeks, and hopefully even some giveaways/contests. We’re always open to post suggestions and love to hear from you guys so don’t be shy in the comments below, on Facebook, on Twitter, or even asking us silly questions on Tumblr.

Truth be told, we want to see our Nerdship expand from where it is today to infinity and beyond. (And yes, I – Ann, just did the Buzz Lightyear pose from Toy Story and I’m not ashamed one bit!) This site isn’t for us, it’s for you, beloved Nerdship! We want to share our delicious recipes, tasty libations, life experiences, and more with YOU! Our goal is simply to make the internet more awesome, and this is how we’re going to do it – with your help.

That’s why we’re calling 2014 the Year of the Nerdship.

We’re also doing something a bit different this year. We’ve added a “Donate” button to our site.

What do the donations go to? Well since Nerds and Nomsense hasn’t reached the point where we’re ready to accept ads from companies, so we’ve decided to start a little tip jar to help out with site expenses and upkeep that way we can continue to bring you guys awesome content multiple times a week. You can donate anonymously, dedicate it to somebody, or become a monthly sponsor. Each month we’ll have a special shout out to our donors as well.

If you’d like to donate, just click the “DONATE” button below or in the sidebar. You can choose how much you’d like to donate and how often. Every little bit helps.

All donations are done through PayPal for your safety and ours.

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