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Halloween is less than a week away. I’m like a little kid on Christmas morning around this time of year – mostly because it is now somewhat ‘socially acceptable’ to do crazy makeups and go out in public. Which I do, whenever possible. This weekend kicks off several of the neighboring cities’ annual Halloween parades and festivals which means more events to attend and more goodies to acquire. Tonight was the big Halloween parade in Oklahoma City, which is exciting. We didn’t attend, unfortunately, but I know it was a blast judging by all the posts on my Facebook page.

(Random: Some days I wish I was still a little kid so I could score all the FREE candy that gets thrown out during parades… and go trick-or-treating without getting the funny “aren’t you too old to go trick-or-treating” looks.)

For this tutorial we are going to be creating a reptilian-esque makeup that’s torn around the neck as if someone has ripped the human skin right off. Creepy, isn’t it.


The complete tutorial took about 2.5 hours to complete (mostly because I was trying to film everything while having a few camera issues). It will take some time to complete and look good – so I suggest that you make sure that you have enough time allotted – and don’t skip any steps when you’re prepping your face prior to painting it green. More on that in a sec…


If you would like to see how to recreate this look, please watch the tutorial below! Feel free to ask any questions if you need clarification on anything.

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List of Products Used:

Note: You DO NOT NEED the specific products used, just use as close of a color as you have and your look will be fine! 

For the Face:

  • Use a deep moisturizing face lotion and let it sink in for about 20 minutes prior to starting all of this fun stuff. 
  • Primer: Mehron Skin Prep Pro followed by Mehron Barrier Spray (important and do not skip otherwise your face will be green for several days after this) – let it sit for about 5 minute to dry.
  • Base Face Colors (water-activated): Mehron Paradise AQ Colors in Amazon Green (from the Tropical Palette), Lime green (for the highlighting areas, also from the Tropical Palette), and Dark Green (for the contouring areas, from the Basics Palette).
  • Contour Powders: Sugarpill eye shadow (Midori – I used this as an overall setting color for all of the areas where I used the Amazon Green and Dark Green-, Bulletproof, and Velocity) and MAC eye shadow in Velvet Moss (dark olive-green to help blend all of the colors together) – add the Velocity around
  • Highlight: Sugarpill eye shadow (Acid Berry and Buttercupcake) and Urban Decay eye shadow (Freak and Thrash both from the Electric Palette)
  • For the Fake Eyebrows: trace out your shape with NYX Wonder pencil in light (or just use a white eyeliner pencil) and fill them in with Bulletproof. Highlight the tops of the fake brows with some Buttercupcake.
  • For the Scales: Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows in Velocity and Bulletproof for the base dark area and Sugarpill loose eyeshadow in Lumi for highlighting areas
  • For the cut area along the neck: BH Cosmetics Lip Liner pencil in Rogue. Feel free to add some fake blood to up the effect.
  • To contour the skin area of the neck and shoulders: Urban Decay Eyeshadow from the Naked 3 Palette – Limit and Nooner, mixed together.
  • Setting Spray: MAC Fix+ Setting Spray and skin finish

For the Eyes:

  • Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Base: Amazon Green from the Mehron Paradise AQ Tropical Palette
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics: Acid Berry (vibrant lime green), Midori (vibrant green), Buttercupcake (bright yellow), Velocity (royal blue), and Bulletproof (sooty black)
  • Urban Decay Electric Palette: Freak (shimmery light green), and Thrash (bright, yellow toned green)
  • Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Greed (true green glitter) – Optional but fabulous! I do believe that it is a discontinued color but LitCosmetics Reboot will work just fine!
  • Liner: Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum (ULTA)
  • Waterline: Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Black Velvet set with Sugarpill’s Bulletproof for extra staying power
  • Lashes: NYX Wicked Eyelashes in Jezebel (from ULTA). They’re longer but not super dense and totally optional.
  • Eyebrows: Blocked out using the glue stick method – prior to starting all of your makeup and before you apply the Barrier Spray.

For the Lips:

  • OCC Anti-Feathered Lip Pencil. To help the Lip Tar from feathering out.
  • OCC Lip tar in Technopagen (blackened purple with a blue sparkle), RX (true blue), and Traffic (true yellow). You’ll want to mix RX and Traffic together and then add the Technopagen to get the right shade.You could always just use the Paradise Paints instead of lipsticks… just make sure that you properly moisturize your lips or they will dry out.
  • Matte everything down by patting a little translucent HD setting powder on top.
  • Bonus: Continue the ‘scale’ effect by duplicating with the netting and pat a little of Freak over top.


  • Makeup sponges (either round or triangles) – about 4-5 to help with the blending and application of the Paradise AQ makeup. You can use concealer or foundation brushes to apply the paradise paints.
  • Netting- either from produce bags like apples and oranges or from fish net stocking – cut to size. You can help yourself out by using bobby pins to help secure it along your hair-line.
  • Wig: Royal Blue Liz Wig (From Amazon)
  • Contacts: CamoEyes’ “Yellow Cat Eye” contact lens. They are non-prescription so I recommend putting them in last if you have bad eyesight and need glasses (like me). Be very careful that you do not get any makeup on the contact as you’re placing it in your eye. Never line your eyes or apply mascara prior to putting contacts in. We will be writing up a full review on these (and our other) CamoEyes contacts at a later date. I will say for now that they are super comfortable and extremely affordable. If you want SFX contacts, they’re great for the price and quality! I do need to mention that if you have any sort of astigmatism they design will shift on your eye the longer you wear them. If it doesn’t bug you, then bully, otherwise you might find yourself adjusting them throughout the evening. 


I love how deliciously evil this look turned out. It’s definitely a reptile with a little fabulous twist – THANK YOU SUBTLE GLITTER ON MY EYELIDS. The only thing that didn’t turn out as expected were my bad attempt of covering my eyebrows. Ugh… darn my thick and luscious eyebrows. Since I didn’t want to just stay at home rocking this crazy makeup, I decided to drag my darling little family out to the one place where crazy makeup is appreciated throughout all year: the makeup store.

Oh, and speaking of that – big shout out to the lovely lady and her two daughters who posed for a photo opp while we were checking out at Ulta. 🙂


Tips and Tricks:

  • If you are using store-bought, basic halloween cream paint for this look instead of the water or alcohol activated makeup (or grease paint)  you need to be aware that that stuff will crack and flake off. If you’re wearing it for only an hour or two it should be okay – but any longer than that you’ll start to see signs of flaking especially around the parts of your face that are very mobile – around the eyes, mouth, and neck.
  • If you don’t want to have green-tinted skin after you take this makeup off, use a good barrier spray and make sure that you moisturize your face properly.  It’s best if you take this makeup off in the shower and if you find that it’s a little tricky – try taking some baby oil to help remove it a little better – just be careful not to slip in the tub/shower.
  • Do not forget to color your ears – – – – and just inside your nose. Trust me, it will either make or break the costume and isn’t as painful or weird as it sounds.

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We would like to send a HUGE thank you to CamoEyes for sending us some awesome SFX contact lenses to review/feature during a few of our Halloween Tutorials! You guys rock!

As always: Long Live the Nerdship!


Disclaimer: The contacts (Yellow Cat Eye) were supplied to us for review by While the product was provided, all opinions are completely 100% honest and our own. Everything else in this tutorial was bought and paid for by the author. If your company would like to send us something to review please visit our business inquires / sponsorship page.



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