Quick Crockpot Meal: Jerk Chicken


Nerdship, I have a system. Every week, I get out my little whiteboard and my recipes and I make a mealplan. Wednesday always gets either a crockpot meal or leftovers from my freezer, since I work late.


The recipe I’m about to share is not only a total hit, but I make it about every 4 weeks. It takes me less than 5 minutes to throw together, and it is so delicious I could cry with joy.



Adapted from A Year of Slow Cooking.


Cast of characters: Brown sugar, lime juice, allspice, cayenne, cinnamon, salt, Le Crockpot, chicken.

(side note: my old white crockpot died. This silver and black one actually came with the house and it works great. 😀)


Put 4 chicken breasts in the bottom. Leg quarters work just nicely too. Dump on 1 tablespoon each of brown sugar and allspice (not a typo, promise!), 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, ½  teaspoon of cayenne, 1 teaspoon of salt, and ⅓ cup of lime juice.


Turn the crockpot to low and let it go for about 6-8 hours.  Some serious magic happens in those hours. The chicken is juicy and divine, and the mixture of spices turns into a zesty, savory wonderland for your mouth. My sweetie likes to make rice or quinoa for a side dish. The juices make a fancy sauce for the rice.


Now, it ain’t pretty, but you can eat it in a manly fashion. Hoo boy… I can’t lie, I gobbled this down fast. It smelled amazing and I was starved. 😀

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