Local Gems: Popcorn Fharmacy


When you open the door of Popcorn Fharmacy (Yes, it’s with an “F.”), you’re greeted by the jingle of a cat wind chime mounted to the door and a smiley, helpful person behind the counter. The smell in the air varies by the day of the week. Sometimes, you get straight-up butter and salt, other days caramel corn. I’ve never come in on a savory flavor production day. 😉  For the past 24+ years, the Fharmacy has stocked over 30 flavors to cure whatever craving ails you, ranging from jalapeno to peach and everything in between. You can get a little or a lot, depending on what your inner popcorn fiend requires. You can also get the quintessential tin in a number of sizes (I know my childhood holiday celebrations always involved a 3-flavor tin) and designs.  If you are not in the area, they can ship to you, too!

Nerdship, this place is awesome. When I moved to Oklahoma City, one of the first things I got excited about was that Popcorn Fharmacy was down the street from my house! lol 😀


Address: 7518 N May, suite E, Oklahoma City, OK

Phone:  (405) 840-4505 (local)    1-800-658-6784 (toll-free)

On the web: www.popcornfharmacy.com

Bonus info:

  • If you need somewhere to rent a snow cone machine, popcorn machine, or cotton candy machine in the NW OKC area, look no further.
  • They run a special coupon on a number of local deal websites(example: Groupon had a deal- $6 for $12 to spend on popcorn), so be on the lookout for those.

Bottom line: Support your local food-smiths. They are your neighbors and they pour love into everything they make!


(photo source: Popcorn Fharmacy Facebook | Check it out here)


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