Skip the Coffeeshop: Passion Tea Lemonade


Nerdship, I am so pumped about spring.  Just hand me my sunscreen and my antihistamines, I’ll be ready to go!

When the days start to stretch out and the crocuses and tulips poke up, I switch from hot drinks to cold.  I am madly in love with a certain coffeehouse and their cold tea drinks,  most of all their passion tea lemonade. I did the math and I had spent a shameful amount on these when I first discovered them.  One every day I work amounts to almost $100 a month. Ouch.


I resolved to make these at home and save money. $100 is a phone bill, a lot of groceries for the mister and me, or an awesome night out.


Cast of characters : Tazo passion tea, sugar, lemon juice.  Not pictured: 2 1/2 quarts water, 3 quart pitcher.


Start by brewing the tea. I make 2 quarts, reserving the rest of the water for later. You can either follow the instructions on the box, or you can be bad like me and make sun tea. Once your tea is done, pull the bags out of the tea. Take your remaining water,  get it warmed up, and stir in 1 cup of sugar until dissolved. Pour your sugar water into the pitcher with your tea. Add 1 cup of lemon juice.  Give it a good stir. Now, do your best to not chug the whole pitcher right now. 😉 Instead, consider pouring over a few glasses of ice and sharing with your friends!


Happy spring!


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