The Red Shirt


Oh dearest Nerdship, I have a confession to make. I love blood oranges. Love, love, love them. Sadly they only appear during the winter months and even worse – not all of the major stores in Oklahoma carry them. I have been keeping my eyes peeled (get it, peeled… I’m hilarious) for these deliciously, underrated fruits for weeks now… it’s been a tiring quest.

Guess what?!  I finally found some at Whole Foods. And they were even on sale. #winning


With that in mind, consider yourself forewarned, Nerdship. There will be plenty of blood orange posts on the horizon (recipes, drinks, etc) and to start things off – why not indulge in an explosive little cocktail.

May I present The Red Shirt cocktail:


**The original name for this was the Red Shirt Martini – it has since been changed because of its lack of more ‘martini’ like qualities (IE: no vermouth, gin or olives – ewww olives). Honestly, I’m pretty lax on my naming-scheme and thought it was ‘martini-like’ but after this post was published I was corrected on several of our social media sites so I’m adjusting things to make it correct. /sigh. I’m human and make mistakes, please don’t phaser me to death for the misnomer.**

Check out these awesome rocks glasses from ThinkGeek (unfortunately they are currently Out-of-Stock but they should restock soon). I bought these for my husband for Christmas and aren’t they pretty. I think that these are awesome and they are an homage to the original Star Trek series glasses. Pretty nifty, right?


This cocktail is absolutely packed full of citrus flavor. Blood orange, lime, and lemon juice all coalesce into a beautiful chaos and it’s amazing. No ‘artificial’ flavors and all the zing you can handle.


Originally I wanted to use the Blood Orange-infused vodka in addition to the Tito’s, but upon being told that we mix our drinks ‘a bit too stout,’ I decided to cut the alcohol a bit. We do listen to our beloved audience.  If you would like this drink to have a little more of a kick, add an additional shot or two. Also, our lovely little lime isn’t in this picture because I zested the tribbles out of it yesterday and it didn’t look too pretty.


Note: This drink recipe will make 3 – 4oz drinks.

The Red Shirt


  • 2 medium blood oranges

  • 1 lemon

  • 1 lime

  • 1-oz of simple syrup (easy recipe here) – I used a pre-made syrup since I decided not to make up some for this drink but don’t be afraid, simple syrup is really easy to make.

  • 3 oz of vodka (AKA 3 shots) – You can add more if you’d like. 

  • Sugar (for rimming the glass)

  • Fleur de Sal (just a sprinkling)


  • A large shaker w/ ice

  • A hand juicer

  • A knife and cutting board

  • A zester (optional)

  • A small plate (large enough to rim the glass)

  • 3 rocks glasses


  1. Roll your citrus on the countertop or table to make juicing easier.

  2. Take one of your blood oranges and cut a 2’’ peel / strip for each glass. To get the “twirl” wrap the peel around the zester and let it sit for a minute or two.RedShirtMartini-NerdsAndNomsense-5

  3. Juice all of your citrus. You should have about a cup of juice when all is said and done. Don’t worry about getting a little pulp in your juice, that’s perfectly fine. Pulp is good.RedShirtMartini-NerdsAndNomsense-3

  4. Take your small plate and sprinkle some sugar on it – then sprinkle a tiny bit of Fleur de Sal over top of it. You want your glasses to have just a hint of salt amongst the sugary rim.

  5. Take one of the orange halves that you’ve already juiced and coat the rim of each glass then coat the rim with the sugar/salt mixture on the plate.RedShirtMartini-NerdsAndNomsense-8

  6. Pour your juice, simple syrup, and vodka into your shaker (that’s half way full of ice) and shake it like a Polaroid picture … or until everything is nice and frosty. If you want more alcohol – add more vodka. This recipe will even out to about 1 shot per glass.

  7. Carefully pour the tasty libation among your 3 glasses, just be sure you don’t mess up your sugar/salt rim and enjoy.RedShirtMartini-NerdsAndNomsense-14

Can I just take a moment and bask in the beauty of this drink.


It’s gorgeous. Plus, with it being a ‘red shirt’ you know that it will go down quickly and will always make the captain (or drinker in this case) look good.  RED SHIRTS ALL AROUND!

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I’m thinking that the next blood orange post will be something involving cookies… mmmmmm cookies. Until then…. I leave you with this! Enjoy!

As always – please drink responsibly. We don’t want any of you having the same fate as the red shirts.

If you make this drink, please let us know what you think of it. We love hearing from you guys so don’t be shy. Feel free to leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page … or if you’re feeling really snazzy tweet us!


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