Kate’s Drinks to Beat the Summer Heat


A bit of a disclaimer: I learned about all of these drinks in New Zealand – so some of the ingredients aren’t sold everywhere, but if you have a Whole Foods, a World Market, or a fancy grocery store nearby you should be good. Also, you totally do not have to use the same brands as I use, these are just brands I know I love, so it’s what I have in the house. We are not sponsored by any of these brands, but a girl can dream.


Summer in Texas is a mixed bag for me. It brings unbearable heat, no good TV, and heat. Did I mention heat? Because it gets crazy hot in this biz. The one amazing thing I have found that I love about summer, though, is summer drinks. Sure, a cold beer suits on a night when you’re feeling lazy/nostalgic/on a beach. But my all time favorite drinks are ones that are so so tasty, but also provide relief from that awful summer heat.

While a part of these drinks’ refresh-ness is due to the amount of ice I put in them (read: lots), a big part is citrus and ginger – nothing ever sounds more refreshing and lovely when I’m disgustingly hot than a nice cold lemony, gingery drink. Why do you think there are so many lemonade stands in the summer? Because children want money? No! Because citrus is perfect for a hot day, and all children know that. It’s science.


Normally I’m not super strict about ingredients and amounts and how much goes here and a dash of this there. I’m much more of a ‘put as much alcohol as you want in the thing and if it’s too strong take a big gulp and add more of the non-alcoholic stuff’ type of girl. But for these 3 drinks, I have it down to a science.


If you want a spicier drink, I’d suggest a Moscow Mule. It’s part ginger beer and part rum and all parts delicious. Personally, I’m a big fan of sweeter ginger beer – but if you want something more ginger-spicy then I’d go for a ‘dry’ ginger beer.

For a Moscow Mule you’ll need:

a bottle of Ginger Beer + 1 ½ shots of Spiced Rum + over Ice


If you want a more citrus-y, less alcohol-y drink, I’d suggest a Pimm’s Cup. Apparently, people all over the world know about the greatness that is Pimm’s, but no one has told the Americans. Pimm’s tastes like a citrus-y ginger-y gin – it’s a bit bitter, but so so tasty. It goes great with Lemonade, Ginger Ale or your choice of Lemon/Lime carbonated drink.

For a Pimm’s Cup you’ll need:

½ Pimms + ½ Ginger Ale (or lemonade, if you don’t want a soda) + over Ice


If you want a sweeter citrus drink, I suggest a Gin’n’Bitters. Which is a name I made up for this article. The Lime and Bitters mixes perfectly with gin (or rum if you want to go really sweet). I can’t take the credit for coming up with this drink though: my roommate in New Zealand, Kaitlyn, came up with it and we both fell in love with the “gin’n’bitters.

For a Gin’n’Bitters you’ll need:

⅔ a bottle of Lemon Lime & Bitters* + 1 ½ shots Gin + over Ice

*I do more Bitters in this one because I don’t love Gin, and Lime and Bitters is so dang tasty.


My absolute favorite is the Moscow Mule, but that’s probably because I love ginger beer so damn much. What’s your favorite summer drink? Let us know!

As always – please drink responsibly.

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