Drinking Games: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Back in September ABC aired a brand new series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  on Tuesdays at 7pm CST.  Marvel fans know this as a syndicate continuation of the Avengers franchise centered smack dab in the Marvel universe, post The Battle of New York (from the Avengers movie). It’s plucky, gadget-filled, and full of Agent Coulson. **Spoilers: Phil’s not dead!** If you’re here, you would probably know how cool this show is by now and are wanting to up the ante … with booze! 

A word of caution before continuing with this little game: Since drinking is involved, please be aware of your limits and know your boundaries. Some of these ‘rules’ call for downing your current drink so we think it’s best if you pair this game with a couple good beers instead of hitting the hard liquor. Play it safe and smart because we kinda like having you around. Please drink responsibly!

And without further ado, may we humbly present The Official Unofficial Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Drinking Game!



The Rules:

  • Take a drink every time the Rising Tide is mentioned. They’re the red-headed stepchild of this series.
  • Take two drinks every time the ‘bad guy’ has superpowers. Because this is a show about super heroes – and what’s a show about super heroes without their super villain counterpart. 
  • Take two drinks every time Phil’s death comes up in conversation or is questioned. We still don’t know why he’s back, or even how he’s back. Any theories anyone? 
  • Finish your drink when the great Battle of New York is mentioned. It’s the Civil War of the 2000s… except with super heroes, aliens, Gods, and hipster cameos. 
  • Take a drink any time somebody mentions looking in the infamous “Index.” Oh the super secret index of people with powers… maybe that’s why the government has been building all those buildings in the desert. /ponder ponder.
  • Whenever Fitz-Simmons are in danger, take two drinks. You know it’s gonna happen, they’re always manage to get into trouble… and not have any weapons to defend themselves.
  • Take a drink every time Ward checks or cleans his gunSome people might think he’s over compensating for something. Oh snap.
  • Take two drinks every time Fitz and Simmons start talking at the same time. They’re on the same wavelength. 
  • Take a drink every time Phil talks about how awesome it was when he was in Tahiti. We can’t drop all of our responsibilities and go to Tahiti, Phil. Unless S.H.I.E.L.D is footing the bill…
  • Finish your drink when somebody in the cast mentions one of the main Avenger characters.
  • Take a drink every time Phil says something about his beloved Lola. Boys and their toys… especially if that toy is a red hover-capable 1962 Chevrolet Corvette. Where can I get one of those?
  • Take a drink every time Skye resorts to HACKING for getting informationThey have access to the most advanced databases in the world, gah! 

Bonus Rules:

  • Take a shot every time Agent May is referred to as the ‘CAVALRY.’ She’s one leather-clad lady who means business and has a very short lethal leash. I think calling her names would probably …err… set her off. On your face.
  • Finish your drink if one of the main characters gets killed off. You know it’s coming, Joss Whedon is in charge and we all know his track record. Wash, Tara… do I need to continue. 
  • Take a drink every time you see some kind of Chitauri artifacts.  They’re like Pokemon, you gotta catch ’em all. 
  • Take a drink every time you see Fitz-Simmons kiss. My hope is that they don’t make them all romantically involved but it’s probably going to be in the script. Just like Bones and Booth. Main characters of the opposite sex DON’T have to fall in love all the frakkin’ time guys. I can pretty much guarantee that Skye and Ward are going to hook up, but not everyone has to be paired off, two by two. 

If you’re feeling adventurous and would like to switch it up with some of our tasty Avengers-inspired cocktails including our twists on The Hulk, Black Widow, and even Agent Coulson himself. Also, if there’s any rules you think we’ve forgotten, let us know in the comments below.

Now we would like to hear from you guys, would you like to see more drinking games? We’re working on ones for Doctor Who and The Hunger Games. If you would like to see others, please let us know in the comments below! They can only get better from here. 🙂 Again, please drink responsibly.



  • Jacqueline says:

    More like finish the whole damn bottle when one of the main characters gets killed off.

    • Nerd HQ says:

      This is also true. But if we did that then people would be downing multiple bottles by the end of this series. Joss likes to kill off people. It’s just what he does.

  • Scorpius says:

    This show isn’t old enough to have a drinking game. Isn’t there a 21 rule for all drinking games? Like you have to have at least 21 episodes before the show can have one?

    • Nerd HQ says:

      Hrmmmm… I’ve never heard of that rule before. If that’s the case why do movies have drinking games? There are enough repeating tropes in Agents of SHIELD that it basically makes the game itself. I don’t know if that bodes well for the series or not, but time will tell.

  • Jake says:

    Episode 8 is the worst. They mention Thor 4 times in the first 10 minutes. Me and my buddies are hammered lmao.

  • seksitreffit says:

    Every time Coulson mentions the brainwashing soap in the Framework, take a drink.

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