Bruce Banner – Alcoholic Avengers Series


Over the years several talented actors have taken on the guise of a one Bruce Banner. No matter who plays him he is always Banner, a genius. Sarcastic and seemingly very self-assured when he first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 1, but is emotionally withdrawn in most fashions. Good ole’ Brucey and I have a lot in common… except for that who turning into a huge, green rage monster.

He keeps to himself and is all about his work. Let’s face it, he IS his work. How’s that for irony. Unlike is violent, green counterpart – The Hulk – Bruce likes to keep things close to his chest. If you missed our Alcoholic Avengers Series drink inspired by The Hulk – Click here!

His inspired cocktail is mostly business and a little play. Not to mention just a hint of green representing his little beasty within. Here’s the lineup (not pictured: coffee)



Coffee, chocolate, and a little bit of mint. Yes please, sir. Yes please indeed.

BruceBanner_AAS_NN-1Upon first glance it looks like a glass of chocolate milk with ice in it… but let me assure you. It’s far from that. It’s like a thin mint and a cup of tasty coffee had a baby in a bar. That’s a weird mental image, isn’t it. You’re welcome. You can use any kind of bold coffee you prefer. I just pour whatever the Husband doesn’t finish from his coffee pot into a pitcher and then I can make iced coffee beverages whenever I please. Just like this delicious (and non-alcoholic) version of a caramel-mocha frappe. 

Bruce Banner - Alcoholic Avengers Series
Prep time
Total time
This drink contains alcohol and should always be consumed responsibly.
Recipe type: Alcoholic Beverage
Serves: 1
  • 4oz of iced bold coffee
  • 1 oz of mint chocolate Bailey's Irish Cream
  • 1 oz of Kraken Black rum
  • 1 oz of Kahlua
  • 1 oz of vodka
  • 1 oz of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
  • ½ oz of creme de menthe
  1. Pour everything into a shaker that is filled with ice halfway.
  2. Shake till your little heart's content.
  3. Pour into an iced glass, preferably a high ball glass or pint glass. You can split this drink into two and pour into two coffee cups if you're feeling super fancy.
  4. Enjoy!


Let us know what you think about our little libation either in the comments below or showing us your recreation via photo on our Facebook Page.

And as always, please drink responsibly.

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