Tony Stark – Alcoholic Avengers Series


Happy Friday everyone! The work week is finally over and now it’s time to relax.

He’s the man behind the armor. Goatee-sporting and ready with a snappy comeback. Cue the Black Sabbath. Ladies look out. Here he is, the man of the hour, Mr. Tony Stark. This billionaire, playboy philanthropist is charming, cocky, and we just can’t get enough of him. Am I right? I mean, am I right?


Personally, Stark is my favorite Avenger in the whole Marvel Universe. Brilliant. Good looking. Let’s not forget to mention that he’s always inventing things… and he has a lot of cars. (Hint, hint: I’m kind of a car junkie, don’t judge me.)

Coming up with an ‘inspired‘ drink was fairly easy for this guy. I played off of his colorful personality and the fact that he’s the ‘zinger’ in the group – at least where the movies are concerned. Oh and the cocktail had to be red since he was Iron Man.

I was also tossing around the idea of sticking some kind of glowy ice cube in the drink to symbolize his lovely little Arc reactor, but alas, we were fresh out. Pity. Hmm… Arc reactor ice cubes. Get on it, ThinkGeek!


The lineup for this drink included: Amaretto, a GOOD vodka, grenadine, sweet and sour mix, cranberry juice, and a kick of Red Bull. (Also, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Jennifer and Zach for gifting us the Tito’s vodka.)


This drink is fairly easy and is layered in four parts: Ice, grenadine, ‘the shaker stuff’ (cranberry juice, vodka, sweet and sour mix, and amaretto), and then top it all off with a nice splash of Red Bull. It won’t look “layered” in the end but I find that this technique works quite nicely.

Bartending Note: You don’t want to put Red Bull (or any carbonated beverage) in a shaker. Always pour it after your mixed alcoholic ingredients. Oh and add a stirring straw, we didn’t have any but it’s good to have since the grenadine will settle to the bottom. 



This delicious beverage almost reminds us of an adult version of Code Red Mt. Dew, except this drink is better. 😉 Much, much better. Just don’t forget that there’s alcohol in it because after a few of these you might just feel like Iron Man.

We’re not going to be responsible if you decide to go swimming in the hotel lobby’s fountain after drinking a few of these either, but we’d love to see any incriminating pictures … for posterity’s sake. The internet needs just a few more embarrassing pictures of people doing silly things while drinking, doesn’t it?


Tony Stark - Alcoholic Avengers Series
Prep time
Total time
For 21+ audiences. Please drink responsibly
Recipe type: Beverage
Serves: 1
  • 1.5oz of quality vodka
  • 1 oz of Amaretto
  • 1 oz of sweet and sour mix
  • 1 oz of cranberry juice
  • A splash of grenadine
  • A splash of Red Bull
  1. Fill your shaker halfway up with ice
  2. Add Vodka, Sweet and Sour Mix, Cranberry Juice and Amaretto to your shaker and shake it like a polaroid picture.
  3. Take a rocks glass and fill it halfway with ice.
  4. Pour your grenadine over the ice in the glass and let it settle at the bottom.
  5. Then, while using a strainer, pour the contents of your shaker into the glass.
  6. Fill the remainder of the glass with Red Bull.
  7. Garnish with a stirring straw (optional)
  8. Enjoy
Let us know what you think about our little libation either in the comments below or by showing us your recreation via photo on our Facebook Page or  Twitter (@nerdsnnomsense).

And as always, please drink responsibly.

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