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Happy Wednesday, Nerdship! Today is the day where we make lots of stuff on the blog starting with this awesome piece of art inspired by none other than the USS Enterprise – NCC 1701 style.


First, let’s talk about trends because this DIY plays right into the hands of one of the more popular trends today. I’m talking about galaxy and solar system prints on EVERYTHING! Leggings, shirts, dresses, ties… all of which are beautiful and play right into my “HOLY BORG-MOTHER, CAPTAIN, THAT’S AWESOME! TAKE MY MONEY RIGHT THIS NOW!” (Pardons for the massive amount of capital letters… but it’s true.) It’s all so pretty and I’m like one of those moths from A Bug’s Life… I just can’t it, it’s so beautiful…. /ZAP!


There isn’t a shortage of respective DIYs posted all around Pinterest either. I’ve tried my hand at a few of these, some had bad results… but most were decent like this lovely shirt (that I’m planning to cut into a tank top) that I made while I was babysitting my favorite nephew. He’s a trekkie in the making if you couldn’t tell already… and he went a little crazy on the glitter paint. 


I hate to admit it, but it was super fun and super addicting. I want to make more, Nerdship, MOARRRRR! Heck, if you want I could make another tutorial and throw ours into the DIY Galaxy T-Shirt bucket on the internet.

But enough about that silly stuff, let’s get to the tutorial! 

DIY: Star Trek Space Art

'Cause Star Trek and Space are BOTH Awesome!



  • Breathing mask, clothes you don’t mind getting messy and messing up in, and a well-ventilated area – preferably outdoors. 
  • Something to protect your work area: I like to use a cheap tarp from the dollar store to protect the area that I’m working on. You’ll also want to do this project outside.
  • Black Fabric Wrapped Canvas: I used a 16×20 white canvas and wrapped some black twill fabric around it, pulling it taut, and securing it with a staple gun and some staples. Do not opt for just a black canvas… it will not work as well.
  • Diluted Bleach in a spray bottle: The bleach water is a 1:5 ratio. You should always use caution when using bleach in any form. Don’t get it into your eyes… because pain hurts and losing your eyesight because of some mistake would suck Ferengi butt. 
  • A stencil of the U.S.S. Enterprise: I found an image online, printed it out and made a stencil out of it. Easy peasey.
  • Stencil Adhesive (optional): I didn’t really follow the directions and I squeezed the bottle… and it exploded ALL over me, the camera, and the tarp where I was working. Needless to say my spouse was laughing hysterically.
  • Spray Paint: I scored some Liquitex spray paint at Michael’s for $3.49/each since they were on clearance. I was such a happy lady that day.
  • Tulip Glitter Spray: Let’s make those stars SPARKLE!
  • Tulip Metallic Fabric Spray Paint: It did the job but I will say that I was not happy with these. They clogged constantly and the only way to unclog them was to stop what you are doing, fill a bowl with hot water, let the sprayers soak for 30 minutes and hope that the clogs have dissolved. If you have other options, I would highly suggest going that route. I think I’m going to have to go buy some travel spray bottles and transfer the paints from their original bottles to those. Ugh. 
  • Black Acrylic Paint: You’ll need this to help touch up any edges or fill the shape back in once you remove the stencil.
  • Various Paint Brushes: Thin, Medium, and Thick brushes will help on the varying edges.
  • Optional items that I didn’t end up using: a Bleach Pen (I was going to use that to make stars… but didn’t want to overkill the picture with bleach) and 3D fabric paint (same reason).



  1. Prep your area and apply your stencil to your canvas. If you’re using stencil adhesive, follow all the directions on the bottle. I highly suggest using adhesive so that the stencil will stay put while you work. StarTrekGalaxyArt_NerdsAndNomsense-2
  2. Spray your diluted bleach sparingly on your canvas. This will be the base for all your other colors. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Sop up any extra bleach water from the top of the stencil.  The bleach with continue to ‘develop’ the black fabric as it dries. So be sure to spray it cautiously as you don’t want to spray too much as it can eat away at the fabric. StarTrekGalaxyArt_NerdsAndNomsense-3
  3. Begin to apply your spray paint. Always add your colors lightly and build up that way if you make a mistake it will be easy enough to cover up rather than going hog-wild and spraying a ton at once and then realizing that whoops you made a mistake. Pro Tip: When you are spray painting, make sure to do all of your “strokes” in small bursts rather than strong, steady streams. Let your spray paint dry for 10 minutes.StarTrekGalaxyArt_NerdsAndNomsense-4
    StarTrekGalaxyArt_NerdsAndNomsense-9It took me a couple of tries to get the picture the way I liked it. Don’t be afraid if you mess up… just add a little more spray paint. Pro Tip: Look up some images of actual nebulas or images of galaxies for reference. It really helps!
  4. Apply your metallic and glitter sprays to give “space” some life and pizzazz. StarTrekGalaxyArt_NerdsAndNomsense-10
  5. Touch up any areas with more spray paint or fabric paint. Let everything dry completely. 1-3 hoursStarTrekGalaxyArt_NerdsAndNomsense-11
  6. Remove your stencil and inspect the area where it was on the canvas. StarTrekGalaxyArt_NerdsAndNomsense-12
  7. Use the black acrylic paint to fix any bleach bleeds. Take your time with this as clean up can be a little tricky. StarTrekGalaxyArt_NerdsAndNomsense-13
  8. Let everything dry completely. I suggest coating it with mod-podge and let it dry completely.
  9. You may now boldly impress your friends with your awesome new piece of Star Trek art.

StarTrekGalaxyArt_NerdsAndNomsense-15 StarTrekGalaxyArt_NerdsAndNomsense-17

If you get attacked by a case of the crafties (which are like cooties, but cooler and more creative) you might find yourself making a few of these.  I haven’t decided if they should go up on the Etsy yet.. or if I should give one of them away in celebration of Star Trek week. What do you think we should do, Nerdship. Let us know in the comments!

StarTrekGalaxyArt_NerdsAndNomsense-21 StarTrekGalaxyArt_NerdsAndNomsense-20


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