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With Hallmark’s favorite holiday on the horizon, expectations are raised for you to purchase fancy goodies for your dearest loved ones. Let me give you guys a light at the end of the tunnel… Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank! OH! I KNOW!? SCARY CONCEPT RIGHT?!

We’re actually planning on a few wallet-friendly, nerd-love crafts and gifts for you to give to your loved ones this love-struck holiday. Whether you’re celebrating Gallentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, National Organ Donor’s Day, or Single’s Awareness day – we’ve got something in store for you.

For now, let’s talk about flowers, since they (and their chocolatey counterparts) seem to take up most of the fiscal business when it comes to the commercial side of Valentine’s Day. Here’s some nifty facts [2013 stats via]:

  • $130.97 — The per person average estimated amount that people will spend on Valentine’s Day.
  • 224 million — The estimated number of roses grown for Valentine’s Day.
  • 51% — The percentage of people who buy red roses for this holiday.
  • 64% — The percentage of men who buy flowers for Valentine’s Day.
  • 36% — The percentage of women who buy flowers for Valentine’s Day.
  • $18.6 billion – The total spending that will be reached by Valentine’s Day.
  • $1.6 billion — The amount people will spend on candy.
  • $1.9 billion — The amount people will spend on flowers.
  • $4.4 billion — The amount people will spend on diamonds, gold and silver.
  • $4.52 — The average amount pet owners spent on their pets on Valentine’s Day in 2012.
  • 40.7% — The percentage of people who will use their Smartphone to purchase Valentine’s gifts.
  • 85% — The percentage of men and women who say sex is an important part of Valentine’s Day.
  • 6 million — The number of people who expect or are planning a marriage proposal.
  • 29% — The percentage of people who will type a romantic text message.
  • 145 million — The unit amount of Valentine’s cards purchased.
  • 151 million — The approximate number of cards that are exchanged on Valentine’s Day.
  • 1,400 — Varieties of Hallmark’s available Valentine’s greeting cards.

When all is said, people sure do spend a lot of mullah on this holiday and that seems a bit crazy to me. I’m all about the sentimental gift rather than the gaudy one. So, let’s make one.
DIYBudgetBouquet_nerdsandnosmense (8 of 9)


  • 1 bunch of flowers, mixed or same. For today’s DIY we’re using white mini carnations. | $5
  • 1 bunch of mixed greenery, picked it up (with the carnations) at Sam’s Club | $4
  • 1 vase, large glass, or something along those lines. I have a tin watering can and yellow flower pot that I picked up at the Dollar Store some months ago for a buck each. Not too shabby! | $2
  • Paper towels, already had.
  • Scissors, already had.
  • Water, duh.
  • Optional – ribbon, glitter, decorative items for the vase.
  • GRAND TOTAL = $11, give or take a dollar or so.

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The Steps:

  1. Gather your materials, clean up a workstation, and grab your trash can and get ready for the awesomeness that you are about to create. For the flowers, any super store, like Target, Walmart, Sam’s, Cosco, Crest, etc that have a fresh flower department will carry bunches of flowers at various prices. Keep a budget in mind and work from there. You don’t have to put out for the 12 dozen roses. For today’s DIY I’ve decided to go with white mini carnations because it was snowing outside when I bought them and I thought they were simple and pretty. Also, if you have the chance go and grab some assorted greenery – it’s cheap and helps to fill out your bouquet.
  2. Time to start trimming the flowers and greenery down to size. Measure your flowers against the container that you’ll be keeping it in. You’ll want to cut your flowers at various lengths (from 2” to 5” above the top of the container). Go ahead and do the same with your greenery. DIYBudgetBouquet_nerdsandnosmense (2 of 9)
    While you’re cutting your flowers and greenery, be sure to always cut at a 45-degree angle. This helps increase the surface area of the stem so that it can have the maximum water/nutrient uptake. SCIENCE!
  3. Start arranging your purdy flowers. This is very simple to do, as long as you don’t over think it. Always start at the top or center of your arrangement and work towards the outsides. If you want to get a little technical here’s a PRO TIP: always work in groups of three and always keep your higher flowers towards the center. DIYBudgetBouquet_nerdsandnosmense (4 of 9)
  4. Once you have your flowers in the right location you can start putting your greenery in between. Trust your instincts, Nerdship. If you don’t think a piece looks good there… just move it around till it does.
  5. Gather up your flowers/greenery out of the vase/container and go the container up with water 75% of the way full. You can certainly add in any plant food that your flowers came with. If they didn’t come with any ‘food’ that’s not a problem. You can add a few drops (like 3-5 drops) of bleach to the water, or 2 tablespoons of Sprite. Once it’s filled up and you’ve added the food to the water – go ahead and gently place your flowers/greenery back into the container.
  6. Add any additional ‘pretties’ to your vase – such as ribbon or “I love you” tags.

Voila’! You’ve made something beautiful, and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Feel free to use different kinds of flowers that you fancy, just keep in mind this simple mantra: It’s the thought that counts!

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I’m going to be completely honest, Nerdship, I love flowers and I tend to make my own bouquets when I am having a bad week. Nothing is quite as cheery as walking through your house and seeing lovely, HOMEMADE bouquets/arrangements to brighten up your life. Seriously, though – doesn’t this look pretty!?

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If you have any issues or come against any problems while making your own flower arrangements, please ask us either by email ( or by letting us know in the comments below.

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