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I love the look of a real bowtie. The dashing 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith, decides on a bowtie for himself after ransacking a hospital during his first episode, “The Eleventh Hour.” Whenever he’s questioned about his choice in neck-wear, he proclaims “Bowties are cool.” I couldn’t agree more. 😉


I used a pattern (and the step-by-step pointers and instructions) from Sew Like My Mom. It was lovely and easy to use, go check it out! (Bonus: You’ll see a picture of a baby wearing a bow tie and your heart asplode from cuteness.)


Supplies you’ll need:

  • pins
  • scissors
  • iron-on interfacing
  • about ¼ yard of fabric
  • coordinating thread
  • iron
  • sewing machine


First, iron that wrinkly fabric.


Cut out your pattern pieces and pin them to your ironed fabric.

Cut out your fabric. You’ll need 4 total of each piece.


*Note: If your fabric is long enough, go ahead and tape the long rectangular pattern piece to the skinny end of the bow shaped piece, so you won’t have to splice ends together later.

Trace and cut out your interfacing. You want 2 of each piece. It’ll go along the inside length of the tie. You don’t have to put it on both sides, just make sure you sandwich it in between.

DIY-Bowtie_nerdsandnomsense-5 DIY-Bowtie_nerdsandnomsense-6

Place your interfacing so that the fusible side is facing the wrong side of the fabric. Iron it on according to the included directions.


Now, pin the pieces together with the wrong sides out. If you ended up making the rectangles separate pieces, make sure you splice them on.


Sew the pieces together. Leave about a ¼” seam. Make sure you leave about 3 inches un-done in the middle, so you have somewhere to flip the tie right side out.


Turn it right side out. Sew Like  My Mom has a good suggestion on how to make that happen. Once you’re all flipped right, iron your tie with plenty of steam.

Stitch the hole you left closed.

Iron it some more, if it needs it.


Now you’re cooking! Do you know how to tie it? If not, Charles French can show you. I’m going to call this particular tie “The Sagan.” It just looks like him. 😀


Well, Nerdship, I’m not gonna lie. This project was not without its share of learning moments, but I had a blast making it and I can’t wait to make more. From start to finish, it probably took me a little over an hour to make this tie. If you make a bow tie, snap a pic of it and share with us! 🙂

Allons-y and Geronimo!

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