Beginning Crochet | The Chain Stitch


The world of crochet was very foreign to me until about a year ago.  Before learning to crochet, I thought crocheting was for the old ladies who made their grandchildren crazy, uncomfortable sweaters.  I have quickly learned that anyone can crochet.  It’s super easy.  If I can do it, you can do it too!  So, I will help to explain one of the most basic stitches in crochet.  The chain stitch.  It’s simple, yet pretty.  With this chain stitch I will show you how to make a square that could be used as a washcloth or coaster.  Let’s get started!


First you will need yarn, and a crochet hook.  For your yarn, make sure that you have a light color.  Dark colors make it harder to see the stitches.  The crochet hook comes in different sizes.  For this purpose I will use an I-9/5.55 mm.  The information on the hook will tell you how big the hook is.  There are a range of sizes from very small to very big and depending on how big the hook is will affect the size of your work.  Any pattern you read will tell you at the beginning what size hook to use but you can also experiment and use any size you’d like.


Once you have the hook and yarn, you’ll need to make a knot with your string.  Make sure you have your string around your hook when you’re making your knot.  You should hold your yarn in your left hand, making sure there’s some tension.  In your right hand you will hold your hook.  There are some different ways to hold your hook.  I hold my hook like I’m grasping a knife.  Your thumb will rest on top of the hook while the rest of your fingers are wrapped around the hook.


Now you’re ready to start crocheting! You will start by yarning over.  In patterns you will see YO which means yarning over.  To yarn over, move the hook on top of the yarn.  Then wrap the yarn over the hook.  Turn the hook slightly towards the left and begin to gently pull down. Keep pulling through the loop.  You should now have your first stitch! (YAY!)  Now do the same thing again! Repeat this 18 times to complete your starting chain! Make one more stitch and then turn your work over.  Skip that first stitch and start the process over again. Make 20 more stitches.  You have now completed two rows of the 6 to make a small square.  When finished you will have a square.


To finish off your work, make an extra stitch and then cut about 2 inches away from the last stitch.  Pull through the loop to complete the knot.  You will have some tails that you can sew back into your piece of work using an embroidery needle.  Once that is done you have completed your work! You now have a great piece of work that you made yourself!


Remember that it takes a little practice to get better at this.  You’ll get frustrated but don’t give up.  If you’re stuck don’t forget that you have the world wide web at your fingertips!  There are plenty of forums, websites, and videos on YouTube to help you figure this out.

 Happy Crafting!!


  • afracooking says:

    Love the fact that you are keeping this craft alive. My grandma tought me me and she used to be my main ‘customer’ – the amount of lace I must have crotchet over the years. But then I forgot about it for years until I recently picked it up again. So much fun to curl up with a good movie and a ball of wool 🙂

  • K.B. Helm says:

    My mom has crochet for years and this is the only stitch she can master. She makes blankets and scarves all the time.

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