Library Research and Folksonomy


Recently I made a bunch of life decisions. They varied in importance from changing the deodorant I use (finally making peace with the fact that I need ‘sensitive’ formula) to buying my first house with my wife. Just a year ago my life was nearly completely different. Now I’m even going to grad school.


The idea had been in my head since before high school that I wanted to get an education, no matter the economic returns, beyond a bachelor’s degree. Now I am starting that career however I ended up in a completely different field than I started; library science.

When I was a freshmen I thought I needed to be a medical doctor because that’s just what my family did, medicine. After enough ‘Ds’ to make even Senator Blutarsky proud, I changed to Psychology. At that point I figured I would stick with it. After being in the real world though, I changed my mind.


Library science is budding into a bigger and bigger field as database technology, item indexing, and customer service online grows into new fields. Also I already had years of experience in the environment and knew I enjoyed it the most out of my all my past jobs.

So now I am knee deep into my first semester (YAY!) and having a lot of fun, however I need help. My big project for the year will be a research paper over a library issue. I choose a phenomenon known as ‘folksonomy’ or ‘user indexing’ where people self report what something is in a collection. This is what you do anytime you enter keywords on a blog, update a picture to Facebook, or use a hashtag on Twitter.


What I need is some original research to help me backup my theories on the topic. If you want to help all you have to do is fill out a Survey Monkey questionnaire and then comment what you think below: do you trust the tags on self generate content?

All the research I gather will be confidential (outside of this page if you comment), I won’t have access to your email, name, or any personal information. The study will be published with the numbers as a whole so there is no worry about being picked out. The paper will be presented in my class of 20ish people and if good enough possibly get sent to a few journals. Lastly if no one accepts it I will likely place it on my Scribd for laughs.


Thank you for your time reading and I hope you can take a moment to fill out the survey.

P.S. — If you have any questions about grad school in general, comment below and I will follow up with another post about those.

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