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ConnieLene | New Zealand Knitter Extraordinaire

A little bit about ConnieLene...
I am a knitter, designer, and graffiti knit artist, storyteller, traveler and blogger. My favorite knit creations are free form knit abstract pieces to wear. I love talking, speaking, and writing as well as playing with color and yarn. I do design, knit and create patterns but am frustrated by pattern writing as I would rather play with color and fiber when knitting a piece and recording it for a pattern is just too hard when there are many colors and the form is free. My goal is to reduce the time spent finishing a piece so I try to design pieces that are created in one piece wherever possible so that I can begin something new. I do have several projects going at one time, something less complex in color use such as a hat pattern, something fun such as a baby vest and then a piece full of color and drama. Recently I have been working with various mathematical sequences such as Fibonacci and hyperbolic plane for my increases and the challenges that has afforded me has given me a buzz that I did not expect. I have had my work in various exhibitions in New Zealand and Hawaii and have been knit artist, curator and installer for two of those exhibitions.
Where is she from?
I was born in Denmark, having lived in New Zealand from 18 months of age until August 2008 when we moved to the Netherlands for 3 years. I have family in Denmark and USA as well as in New Zealand. My daughter and grandchildren live in New Zealand and my son lives in Switzerland.
Other awesome information about ConnieLene
My first Knit Graffiti was a ball warmer created and installed on a freezing ball on a freezing night in the town square of Haarlem, Netherlands. Check it out here.
I have patterns on Etsy in Unique Boutique Knits and on  Ravelry  

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Aubrey | Adventures in Aubreyland

A little bit about Aubrey
 Aubrey is a chatterbox about Nashville, self-described geek, avid foodie, and recovering shopaholic.  She nerds out most over LoTR, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games, but reads pretty much any dystopian future YA trilogy featuring a female lead that happens to pop up.  Aubrey also enjoys watching Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and dabbles in Doctor Who.  Lastly, she can watch and rewatch BBC’s Pride & Prejudice on repeat, especially Colin Firth and the lake scene.  You know the one.
 Where is she from?
She currently adventures around Nashville, TN.

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Aubrey’s a longtime blogger currently at Adventures in Aubreyland, filling Instagram with photos of her cats, and tweeting randomness at @aubreyland325

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