Authors_NerdsAndNomsense-1Samantha (you can call her Sam) is going to college to learn how to make movies.

She should be receiving her BFA this summer. The dream is to be an Assistant Director, in the UK if she can figure out how visas work, but in the meantime she sometimes makes promotional videos for a local theatre company. Her interests include watching as many movies and TV shows as possible, live theatre, novels, fiction in all its forms, Tumbling, music that old people like, videos of different species of animals being friends, travel, food, getting really into a thing and being kind of obsessed with the thing for a while, and trying out but not committing to various hobbies and crafts.


Favorite Thing to Eat: burritos

Favorite Spice: the stuff in taco seasoning

Favorite Dessert: cheesecake

Favorite Drink: tea (hot or iced)

Favorite Place to Eat: Dynamite, a sushi place in Hudson, NH

Favorite Place to Travel: Boston

Favorite Motto: Hakuna matata.