Megan is a newly established baker.

She loves cooking but currently has a gas stove and has a hard time with those pesky burners. However, she shines with the oven! That’s why she decided to start baking. She is a born and raised Okie and is married (for 8 years now!) to a fellow Okie named Bryan. When she’s not baking, you’ll find her either reading, listening to music, or playing video games. She loves dogs with a mad passion, and thinks cats are cool too…..except when they make her sneeze.Follow her on twitter: @peaceloveokie85


Personal Baking Blog:

Favorite Thing to Eat: Italian food. All that yummy cheese. NOM!

Favorite Spice: Garlic is her jam.

Favorite Dessert: Sugar cookies and cheesecake.

Favorite Drink: As far as alcoholic drinks go, she’s a big fan of appletinis and lemon drop martinis. Non-alcoholic, she’s an ice tea and water kind of gal, but does enjoy a good can of Hansen’s grapefruit soda.

Favorite Place to Eat: Pizza Shuttle in Norman, Oklahoma is the best ever.

Favorite Place to Travel: Southern California (San Diego/La Jolla) is very relaxing.

Favorite Motto: “Oy with the poodles already!” – Gilmore Girls