Katelin-2Katelin is a lover of space, cats, reading, crochet, and music.

Working outside of the 8-5 world she has found substituting and working with children is more her speed.  When she’s not substituting, she’s running errands, thinking up new crochet projects, playing minecraft (or other video games), and cuddling with her 3 kitty children.  On the weekends she helps her husband, Daniel, work on their house.  They hope to have it finished before their non-existent kids move out for college.  Follow her rambles and pictures at http://bonesoceanic.tumblr.com .

Or on Twitter: @GirlandtheSea26

Favorite thing to eat: Sushi

Favorite Spice: Garlic

Favorite Dessert: Cake

Favorite Drink: Water or Guinness

Favorite Place to Eat: Zam Zam’s

Favorite Place to Travel: Philadelphia, PA

Favorite Motto:Don’t mock people for the things that make them happy.”