jordanpelavinJordan tries very hard not to tread in the area of definitives, but usually considers herself a person- at least after 9 am.

A college student with a worn out laptop and a love for turning the entire world in to an emotional metaphor. A fan of pop-culture, puns, summer camp, Leslie Knope and Hillary Clinton. Enthusiastic about enthusiasm. She’s a writer (on her blog and and for various other publications) a photographer, and an unashamed lover of social media. She is the kind of girl dudes in their 40’s roll their eyes about. You can find her on twitter and tumblr, and probably in any bookstore with a 20 mile radius of her college campus.

Favorite thing to eat: Fresh fruit. A sad rarity in college dining halls everywhere. Also hamburgers. Contradictions make the world go round.

Favorite Spice: Old Bay! Spices are where you can tell the Marylanders from… anyone else.

Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream. Ice Cream always.

Favorite Drink: Iced tea.

Favorite Place to Eat: Her mother’s kitchen. No shame.

Favorite Place to Travel: Wherever she can find friends she wants to see!

Favorite Motto: “We need to remember what is important in life. Friends, waffles and work. Or waffles, friends and work. Work is third.”- Leslie Knope