Parenthood has brought the best out of Jason.

And now as a screenwriter/English teacher-on-sabbatical-turned-stay-at-home-dad-living-abroad-in-Northwest Germany, Jason is on a mission: to make sure his 18-month old daughter sees the world (or at least all the cool parts of Europe), that she memorizes each and every line from The Breakfast Club, that she believes in The Force, that she worships at the alter of Vonnegut, that she feeds her soul with Pearl Jam and Neil, and falls in love with all things literary with the same aching devotion as dad. Or at the least she “gets” The Breakfast Club.

Jason is using his new relationship with Nerds & Nomsense as a sort of coming out party to share his offbeat views on words, music, and film, and of course relay his rollicking adventures as a stay-abroad dad with his daughter Tallulah Scout, his wife Genoveva and their 11-pound Yorkie Gatsby.

Favorite thing to eat: “My shorts.” And carbs loaded with cheese.

Favorite Spice: Posh. No, Sporty. No, Posh. Oh, I get it. My bad: Curry. Yes, curry.

Favorite Dessert: Bacon

Favorite Drink: Coffee. Lots. Of. Coffee. And the occasional swig of courage (or two) from a glass of Irish whiskey.

Favorite Place to Eat: Any place with fast service and a booster seat. I have a toddler at my hip at all times. I lowered my dining expectations dramatically.

Favorite Place to Travel: My imagination.

Favorite Motto: “Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.” — Coach Taylor

Favorite Book to re-read: Tie. To Kill a Mockingbird and The Things They Carried

Favorite Book I Never Will Finish: Infinite Jest

Fictional Character I wish was my BFF: Coach Taylor