Jami bio pic

Jami is an English nerd, coffee addict, meditation junkie, and mom to the coolest kid in the universe.

After leaving her job of eleven years in counseling, she decided to study English Literature. She is currently freelance editing, teaching writing, and in her last semester of the M.A. program in Literary Studies at Eastern Illinois University. In addition to loving books, films, and music, Jami also loves post-it notes, gnomes, tattoos, photography, Bollywood, gummy bears, and the Oxford Comma (and lists) (and asides in parentheses). One important part of her life is advocating for children (like her daughter) with behavior and mental health disorders. Her future plans include remaining in academia, reading a lot of books, writing important stuff, and living a sustainable lifestyle in a micro-dwelling (hopefully in Alaska).

Favorite things to eat: Thai, Pub fare

Favorite Spices: Red Pepper, Cinnamon

Favorite Dessert: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia (it is an anytime food really)

Favorite Drinks: Dark Brewed Coffee, Tea (hot or cold), Fat Tire or Sam Adams, Whisky

Favorite Places to Eat: Thai or Dirty’s in Charleston, Pi in St. Louis, Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Chicago

Favorite Place to Travel: I really like Chicago, and it is good for a weekend trip. I don’t get to travel much, but I plan on doing a lot more once school is finished. Someday I’m going to India…someday.

Favorite Motto:Murder your darlings” – Arthur Quiller- Couch