10526191_10154406248330363_1869717632526199523_nEric is a corporate drone by day, singer-songwriter and Olympic twerker by night.

He grew up on an exotic island in the Atlantic Ocean that is conveniently linked to all five boroughs of New York City. Leaving the majestic white sand beaches of its southern shore after attending the same high school as the infamous Amy Fisher, Eric spent 10 years in America’s Masonic playground – also known as Washington, DC. When he began his college career at American University, ‘the bitch’ had just ‘setup’ DC Mayor Marion Barry, President Bill Clinton was cigar-deep in an impending scandal, and the national average for gasoline was $1.30 per gallon. When he left his job as a sales assistant in 2007, gas was $3.40 per gallon, astronauts were literally crapping themselves to get with each other, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force totally pwned Boston. He likes to think he had something to do with that path of destruction.


Having sung with a large community rock choir for nearly four years, Eric’s dream of having a singing group perform one of his original songs came true in 2014 with a spanking new SATB choral arrangement and actual sheet music…with notes and stuff. It has inspired him to write other choir-minded pieces, and was recently challenged by his choral director to write a new, non-sucky song about ChannukahHannukahHanukah that Jewish holiday that’s usually around Christmas. When he’s not writing choral music, or his own mix of folk/funk/rhythm and/or blues/rock, he writes solemn topical pieces about current events with his writing partner as part of their duo, The Burnt Roses.

When he’s not doing that stuff, he’s usually screwing around on teh interwebz in these places:

Twitter: @hebrewzzi

Instagram: @ejseader (because screw consistency)

Pinterest: ejseader

Facebook (the musics): Eric Jay, The Burnt Roses, Gotham Rock Choir


Favorite thing to eat: Anything that isn’t gross

Favorite Spice: Crush red pepper (though I do love to have fun with the word Cumin)

Favorite Dessert: Kelvin’s Natural Slush (I could have it for a meal too)

Favorite Drink: Water mostly (borrrrrriiiiiiing), but a mixture of cucumber, lime, gin, elderflower, and tonic (on the) rocks

Favorite Place to Eat: On the toilet…naked and crying

Favorite Place to Travel: Domestically, San Diego and Vegas; Internationally, Italy and Israel

Favorite Motto: “Sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested.” – Hunter S. Thompson