Carri is a Southern transplant from Michigan who has lived quite happily just south of Nashville, Tennessee for the past 22 years.

She is less than five feet tall, married to a man nearly seventeen inches taller than her, has four spawn (three sons – two of whom are starting high school this year, EGADS! – and one daughter), and lives and breathes to learn everything possible about foodstuffs and cooking. She spends her days working from home for Yada Yada Insurance Company and she is a perpetual klutz who gets the giggles at incredibly inappropriate times and has accidentally punched her own glasses off of her face more times than she cares to admit. Spiders are her arch nemesis and small feisty dogs are her weakness.


In her mostly non-existent free time, Carri writes a blog about her parenting adventures and her penchant for doing ridiculous and embarrassing things. Feel free to check it out at and ‘like’ it on Facebook at


Favorite thing to eat: Salmon slathered in pesto (oh yes, THIS SO MUCH)

Favorite Spice: Smoked paprika

Favorite Dessert: Vanilla bean creme brulee, y’all

Favorite Drink: Cherry 7-Up

Favorite Place to Eat: Red Pony in Franklin, TN

Favorite Place to Travel: Charleston, South Carolina

Favorite Motto: “If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.” -Catherine Aird