About Us

Nerds and Nomsense is a group of foodies, techies, and all around fun people who like to share their recipes, experiences, and ideas in their little corner of the internet.

Our quest:

We want to make the internet a more awesome place. This website is dedicated to be a ‘judgement-free’ zone where we accept people from every background imaginable. We follow Wheaton’s Law and our motto is “Post your passion.”  Both are things that we hold very dearly. If we don’t find something meaningful/important, why should you? 

The idea for Nerds and Nomsense began as an epic food blog that would be written by a few ladies and gents but soon after it’s conception it evolved into a catch-all of awesomeness. Nerd culture and food play a big role in our posts, but it’s not limited to these two subjects.

Currently we have 15+ contributing authors from all walks of life, ages, careers, and lifestyles. Our authors have amazing specialties and this blog is an outlet to share what we’re passionate about. 

Just one question…

Are you ready?

Have any questions or have any website queries, email us at info@nerdsandnomsense.com

Would you like to speak to our Editor/Main Blogger? Email Ann at editor@nerdsandnomsense.com

Do you have an idea for a post or a suggestion for things you’d like to see more of, feel free to contact us

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The physical headquarters for Nerds and Nomsense is based out of the Oklahoma City metro area but we have authors (literally) from all over the U.S (and even one in Germany!).