What’s up, Nerdship? | Blog Update & Giveaway Winner


We’re just swinging by really quickly to give you guys a heads up on what’s going to be going on this week AND to announce our winner for the #NNBLOGAVERSARY Giveaway!

For starters, everyone here at N&N wanted to give a big shout out thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway and to all of the amazingly talented ladies and gents who submitted their applications for joining our little Nerdship. It’s been a crazy last few weeks and between juggling life, the universe, and everything – we haven’t yet perfected the infographic from the our blogger survey. *whah whah* It’s coming… we promise.

Retro-Block-Question-2-iconAll craziness aside, this week is going to primarily feature the newest additions to our blog. Out of 17 applications we chose 9 new writers to add to our crazy crew-o-awesomeness. We can’t wait to spill the beans with you tomorrow. [“Awwwww, you mean I have to wait 15 more hours to find out who got picked?” Yes. Yes you do. There I said it. Muwah ha ha ha ha] I will say that I’m pleased as punch with everyone who’s hoping on board. They are all awesome.

Oh, and starting in September we’ll be kicking off a few Halloween/Cosplay themed tutorials and DIY builds… so that’s exciting. Can I get an amen!?

Here’s a question: Who loves Doctor Who? 

I don’t,” said no one… EVER. 

If you follow the fandom or the show at all you already know that the newest season is premiering THIS SATURDAY. Guys. Seriously. So. Excited. [No spoilers, but I did get a chance to preview the first episode and it is AMAZING!] So this week, along with all the excitement of introducing all of our newest bloggers/authors we will be interlacing their introductory posts with some awesome Doctor Who posts in an ‘unofficial’ Doctor Who week.  With that being said – we are going to do another giveaway just for an awesome Doctor Who prize pack starting at 9am tomorrow and running through Saturday at 6pm, just before The Doctor makes his worldwide appearance. **Again, more on that tomorrow… I’m such a tease.**

Speaking of giveaways… is there something that we’re forgetting….. 😉

Oh yeah, we need to announce the winner of our #nnblogaversary giveaway don’t we… (Kidding, that’s actually the main reason for this post.)

Can we get a drumroll please?!?!?!


Congrats Amanda Trevino! YOU WON THE PRICE IS RIGHT… I mean the #NNBLOGAVERSARY Giveaway (which is way cooler by the way). Please email us at info@nerdsandnomsense.com so we can get all your lovely contact info (not to mention finding out who your favorite fandom/character is so we can whip you up a one-of-a-kind nerdy cocktail!). Please note that you’ve got 72 hours to respond otherwise we have to pick another winner.

We would also like to thank everyone who entered the giveaway. You guys are all winners in our book. Feel free to enter* our Doctor Who Giveaway that starts tomorrow morning. Be sure to subscribe to our blog or follow us on all the social medias for more goodies and giveaways!

Unfortunately we had to disqualify a few people due to their location (i.e. not in the US or Canada) or for spam/giveaway account information. Next time, please read the disclaimer… don’t make us break out Wheaton’s Law. We love you, Nerdship.


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