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It’s been an awesome ride since August when we first officially launched Nerds and Nomsense! We’ve had such a warming response from our ever-growing Nerdship and we’re thankful for every single one of you. We’ve been learning along the way and are ever-tweaking our site to make it as awesome as it can be. This last month has been rather taxing as several of our main authors have been preoccupied with family duties, sickness, or other adult responsibilities.

In an effort to keep making the internet a more awesome place, we are reaching out to you, beloved Nerdship. We are looking to add new contributing authors / bloggers to our happy little blog-family. Are you interested? Keep reading for more juicy details.

What does a contributing author / blogger actually do?

C.A.’s are bloggers that provide content one or more times a month on the blog. They help promote N&N on various social media platforms and help engage our audiences. They promote their own projects once a month here on the site. Our authors also help us keep our site looking spiffy and awesome by giving us constructive criticism and helping us come up with new ways to make the internet a little more awesome.

We have monthly google-hangouts to keep everyone on the same page and discuss any topics or events that may be coming up in the following months. Before each new month begins we get together and figure out how many blog posts everyone wants to contribute then our Editor-in-Chief, Ann, create’s a monthly schedule. All posts are due on the Sundays of the week your scheduled post is due to go live.

All posts are due on Sundays but you can ‘blog ahead’ if you’d like. 

Can I blog about anything?

Traditionally Nerds and Nomsense has been a catchall for most topics. Our readers love recipes and DIYs but we accept many forms of posts. The main rule is to keep it awesome! We allow opinion posts, as long as they are not hateful towards certain groups of people. Bullying is not allowed at all. Each post is reviewed by our editors before going live on the site to ensure that everything is peachy (both grammatically and sensibly). We also like to keep our blog family friendly so cussing can be there as long as it’s in nerd-culture phrases such as frak, frell, gossa, shiny, etc.

Are there any restrictions to being a blogger?

We have a few restrictions if you’re going to be a blogger here on Nerds and Nomsense:

  1. You must be over the age of 18. It’s not that we think that young-ins don’t make for good bloggers, it’s just a technicality thing. If you are under the age of 18 and would still like to help Nerds and Nomsense out, please contact us and we’ll give you some more info on our junior-Nerds initiative.
  2. Post your passion! We love it when our writers post what they are most passionate about. It makes for the most entertaining and insightful posts that we have. Whether you are a nerd to the core or love video-games, write about how awesome whatever it is, is!
  3. You need to have a good grasp on basic grammar and spelling. We do have editors to help catch easy mistakes, but to make their life a lot easier we ask that our writers proof (and sometimes re-proof) their posts before they turn them in to us.
  4. No plagiarism is allowed! Long quotes are all well and good but if you are copying entire blog articles from other websites we will not allow it. Please be honest. Wheaton’s Law, guys.
  5. You should be willing to help promote Nerds and Nomsense on your social media profiles. Whether you share the posts you (yourself) have written or help us to promote an upcoming themed week or meetup. The goal is to help make the internet a more awesome place, plain and simple.

I see that you guys watermark your images, why?

We watermark ALL of the Nerds and Nomsense images that are original content. There is a major issue on the internet with other people and companies stealing non-watermarked images and using them on their own sites. Some of our authors are in the graphic design business and take their work very seriously. All images that you submit (and take yourself) will be watermarked to protect you and our site from nasty photo-stealers. If you use other images from the web, we ask that you make sure that they are public domain / free-use images or if they’re not please pass along the author’s URL or copyright information.

How long will I have to be blog for you guys? 

All of our new bloggers will be on a month by month trial basis for about 3-4 months. After that mark you will be a tried and true Nerds and Nomsense Contributing Author and a proud leader in our humble little Nerdship. We ask that each of our potential bloggers be realistic with their commitments, both for the blog and for their personal life / work. If something comes up and you are unable to be a contributing author (which posts one or more times PER MONTH) please let us know as soon as you can so we can make adjustments to our posting schedule.

If you would rather be considered as a guest blogger, we also accept those as well. Please email us for those inquiries. Guest bloggers are people who have their own websites that would like to submit a blog post to Nerds and Nomsense a few times out of the year, but not every month.

Wheaton’s Law

DON’T BE A DICK! This is a phrase we take very seriously. We try to keep trolls down to a minimum. All of our authors have an open mind and believe that everyone should be treated as the awesome individuals that they are. We believe that everyone is open to their own opinions and don’t like pushing ours on everyone else. To each his own, of course.

Monthly themed weeks, meetups, and more:

Every month or so we pick one week out of the month and devote it to certain memes/movies/or elements of Nerd Culture. This coming year we’ve got ideas for a Star Wars week, Sherlock Week, D.I.Y. week, etc. How awesome is that? On top of our themed weeks, we’ve got some more meetups in the works in and around the Oklahoma City metro area – as well as in other places around the US hopefully. We also want to start a bi-monthly video game meetup.

There are definitely some exciting things in store for our entire Nerdship!

All Nerds and Nomsense authors get their very own Author page as well as other perks.

Does it pay? 

Right now our blog is maintained and paid for by our lovely Editor-in-Chief and we currently aren’t receiving any ad revenue. Hopefully we will get to a point (down the line) where we can start paying out our authors based on their monthly interacting and contributions.  However we do receive at least 15K views a month  and we allow our authors to promote their own events / business / blogs / etc at least once a month. It’s some pretty nice exposure, if you ask me.  And we’re thinking about offering some ad space for our authors as well.


Follow this link: and fill out the form. If you have been blogging or have a blog that you currently write for, please include the URL or email use with some samples of your writing. We are currently accepting new blogger inquiries until Jan 3rd. If you have any more questions, please send them our way ( and we’d be happy to answer them.

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