Blog News: June Update & Upcoming Events


Holy Tribble-Tykes Nerdship, is it June already?

It’s been a crazy past five of months guys. Last month we were a bit scatterbrained because several of our writers were finishing up their classes for the semester but we’re back and ready to take on the cosmos this month!

This month is exciting for several reasons.

  • We’re 150 pageviews away from hitting 100k. Super awesome if you ask us!
  • This month our theme week is going to be about all things STAR TREK! (Which we’re currently looking for guest bloggers, but more on that later on in this post.) Also, there’s going to be another GIVEAWAY! 
  • We’re adding more awesome items to our Etsy store, including the option to create custom orders of various items and jewelry.
  • We were featured on Mashable!
  • Father’s Day DIYs are in the mix!
  • Our 1 Year Blog-versary is coming up in August and we’re planning something especially awesome for you guys.
  • More secret awesomeness is in the works for this month, but you’ll just have to stay tuned for more info!


Call for Guest Bloggers



Interested? Email us at for more info. 

  • WHEN: JUNE 16TH-20TH, 2014
  • Guest Blogger inquires are due by June 6th at 11:59pm CST. To sign up or learn more – email us at 
  • Guest Blogger posts will be due no later than June 15th at 3PM
  • The posts will be shared on our website and then mentioned on all of our other social media sites – including Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and beyond!
  • Things we’re looking for: DIY/crafts, inspired creations, recipes, drink recipes, reviews and opinions, etc. If you have a specific idea, feel free to shoot it our way.

We’re in the mood to make some more drinks! Send us your character/fandom challenges and we’ll make some delicious libations and give you the recipe!

More awesome to come soon, but for now – LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, Nerdship!

As always – feel free to comment or share anything awesome and Nerdship-worthy with us in the comments or on our social media sites. Don’t forget to keep it nerdy!

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