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120 Date Night Adventures

Happy 1st of May, Nerdship! Can you believe it’s already May? We can’t! So in celebration of May, we’ve decided to spread the love…

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Joss let it slip!

In a off-the-cuff interview on Friday, the one and only Joss “The Boss” Whedon hinted about something completely awesome and it was confirmed by…

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Valentines the Nerd Way

Every year, around February, the internet is filled with hundreds, or thousands, or maybe billions of tweets, blogs, and email forwards about the day…

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New Year | New Faces

Phewww, Nerdship, it’s been a busy week and we’ve got some exciting news to tell you! For starters, here is our little reminder that…

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Kimmie is a rolling encyclopedia of 90s commercial jingles, celebrity gossip and movie quotes. A gal new to her 30s and not quite comfortable…

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